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7 Solitaire Casino Game
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7 Solitaire Casino Game game details:

Software: High 5
Free Spins: No
Scatter symbol: No
Multiplier: No
Autoplay Option: No
Wild Symbol: No
Bonus Game: No

Slot machines are undoubtedly the most popular category of games most casino players dash into straight away – they are highly engaging, beautiful in picture, require no practice or exceptional knowledge, create a field of real money opportunities. One might spend hours of hours counting down the top record of advantages and benefits slots give, but there’s one huge drawback in the narrative – gamblers do not have to think at all. No pondering, intricate strategies, elaborate schemes to outrun casinos – nothing of the listed could be applied to these pretty time-killers. But to be a high-class gambler one must be mindful and tactical, so if you are probably reading these lines, you’d much like to join the troops of pros with impressive skills. And Getting to know Solitaire is the best chance to gain first serious experience. There’s a great plenty of Solitaire options throughout casino libraries, but for some solid reason 7 Solitaire by Skill Games hovers above all of them due to amazing controlling, light animation, a little bit of jackpot and several regimes to play. Skill Games are the kind of providers who do not stamp games like rabbits stamp offspring – their records feature just a dozen of entries, and evidently each title has something to do with the skill. You cannot easily roll in without prior gaming level – firstly you’ve got to learn the tight ropes of a certain game. 7 Solitaire is a perfect example of their products, and now you’re going to be introduced to the world of skilled casual play.

History of Solitaire

Solitaire as we know the game today can be traced back to the 18th century, and an amazing fact is that there’s no single country or region where the game comes from. Seemingly, it popped up throughout different areas, so no one knows for sure who was the first to establish the rules. Solitaire had various names on an international scale: French call it ‘success’, British refer to Solitaire as to ‘Patience’, some name Solitaire as ‘secret knowledge’. Nevertheless, the first official appearance of Solitaire was in writing in 1783 – the game was devoted a little text in a German book of card games. Initially Solitaire was thought of as a competitive play where opponents would play separate decks. How did the game become a single-play? There’s no definite answer likewise, but some sources link the idea of playing Solitaire by one’s self with practice for competitive games.


If you know a thing or two about solving puzzles, then Solitaire can be an easy game for you to nail the rules quickly. 7 Solitaire is classic Klondike with a regular set of rules. The game is played with one deck consisting of 52 card without Jokers. At the very beginning, the machine shuffles cards and deal out 7 piles of cards with one face-up on the top of each pile. The first pile gets a single card, the second one has two and so on to the seventh pile. The remaining deck is set to the draw pile – players can sort through it and pick a card to be drawn. The main objective is to draw cards to four sorted piles for each suit – from Ace to King. Cards can be moved throughout the layout with one fundamental rule: any face-up card is placed on the top of another card only if they have the opposite colour and one card has lower rank. For example, a red six may be placed on top of seven black – you cannot put a red six on a red seven etc. As soon as there are not more options to move cards, players go for the draw pile and select cards from there with the same ‘opposite colour’ rule. 7 Solitaire has two possible endings: players can sort out a deck and complete suit piles or they end up in a position when no other card can be moved.

NOTE: 7 Solitaire pays out at 1 to 1.4 odds for a win. When no more progress is possible, players have to reload the game – bets in this case get void. Aside from regular paying out, 7 Solitaire game has a random jackpot that can be chosen as an alternative to prescribed payouts. Skill Games incorporated a dynamic shift in prizes, so from one game to another gamblers may win a different amount of money.

Interesting features

7 Solitaire has a greatly designed layout with different gameplay features and animated movements. Speaking of more technical parameters, 7 Solitaire provides three levels to start with when the game is loaded: it may be an easy mode, a medium-hard mode and, the tremendous one, Vegas Style, where chances to fetch a jackpot get high, but at the same time chances to sort out a deck lower to minimum – only skill could help out. Speaking of visual arrangement, 7 Solitaire spread flying sparkles around successfully moved cards which adds up to overall dynamics of the game. Also, players can move cards in two regimes: manually, i.e. select a card and drag it to a position, and automatically, i.e. click on a card for it to automatically change the best at a time position.

How to play

There’s nothing difficult in starting a round: pick a difficulty mode, bet a sum and draw cards. Then go through draw pile, move cards and do your best. However, if you want to optimize you play and maximize the odds, you should definitely keep in mind the following tips to get closer to a consistent play:

  • Search through the draw pile for Aces and Twos to move them to the foundation firstly to simplify moving cards subsequently because these cards do not build matching combinations in general.
  • Never draw a card to the foundation if it still can be useful and help you open face-down cards in piles.
  • When you have an empty pile, do not rush into filling it with a King unless you regard the optimal colour – look through other cards on the table and decide which colour would be the best choice to uncover the most.


7 Solitaire is a game of very high quality, and might be even the greatest layout ever created by software providers. It has appealing animation, soft movements, nothing distracting in the background, and most of all – 7 Solitaire has a jackpot. Well, regarding difficulties and mechanisms of play, Solitaire could either excite you to the bone or terrify your evening because of impossible completion. If you know nothing about Solitaire in general, try not to be a hero – learn the ropes first and only then come and play. And when you feel comfortable with rules and strategies, this one would become your casinos absolute favourite.

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